Asterisk is an independent production company based in Victoria, British Columbia, and established by David Springbett and Heather MacAndrew in 1976. We started out in 16mm film, and have continued through many changing forms of videotape, making documentaries and other audio visual materials for television, for grassroots community groups, and for the classroom. Our work covers a spectrum of social, environmental, political and natural history issues and the links between them. And within that, we are drawn to stories about the many and often surprising ways social change occurs and the human spirit flourishes.

Our work is driven by our curiosity about ideas, people, and life as it's lived. It's taken us to over 40 countries, and an opportunity to explore our own home place, where we've been privileged to meet a few of the many unsung local heroes who are quietly making their communities better places.

Boy readingTed Grant with Camera